benvpresPalazzo Mezzanotte – 5 dicembre 2014

“Good morning everyone and thank all those who have accompanied us and listened to our ideas on the path that brought us here in the Milan Stock Exchange.

We are Aldo and Giancarlo Brambilla, two brothers working together for almost fifty years in company founded by our father Eugenio in 1951. Currently company is already active in our children Mark, Julia and Edward, “the third generation”, already today responsible for Production, Administration and Sales, assisted by our CEO, Mr. Bonfiglioli.

While acknowledging the banks we work with a valuable support, we thought of reaching the opportunities offered by AIM Italy to support the further development that is currently required by our customers: we speak of 80% of sales with foreign customers as Ferrari in Italy, BMW and Volkswagen in Germany and, through the Mexican group Nemak, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler in the United States, to name the most important.

Currently our Modelleria reached the saturation of its production capacity and the use of the collection will allow us to grow and meet the increasing demands of customers.
We will invest in machinery and high-tech systems are expanding our core business in the Automotive Sector most qualifying and expanding the production area.
We “sfamiliarizzato” our company to give it a trim managerializzato suited to the needs of the current market, with a sound basis for enabling the Modelleria Brambilla to move forward together with the third generation. “

Giancarlo Brambilla