As of December 5, 2014, Modelleria Brambilla is publicly traded on the AIM Milan.

Brambilla India was founded as a joint venture between Modelleria Brambilla and Baxy Group. This company will soon become a system of development and production.

The know-how of Modelleria Brambilla is available to the customer for any need, to ensure an adequate after-sales service.

Modelleria Brambilla S.p.a.
Via del progresso, 1
42015 Correggio (RE) – Italia

With his 20-year experience, Eugenio Brambilla established the company in Carpi in 1951. Over the years, it developed from a small craft industry, which mainly dealt with local operators, into a company whose products are exported all over the world. Yet, it maintains its creativity skills and its capability of handling unforeseen events as well as adapting to the most complex situations, that are typical features of a big and reliable Italian Company.

As of  2014, December 5th MB is listed on AIM Milan stock exchange market.



Modelleria Brambilla mainly manufactures products for the automotive industry. Ranging from cars and lorries, to F1 cars, a number of vehicles are equipped with cylinder heads and crankcases manufactured in our works.



Founded in 1951 in Carpi from the twenty years experience of Eugenio Brambilla, it become a reality which produce an exports all over the world …

  • Brambilla modeling is one of the most important in the field of precision components for the automotive industry.
    Since 2014 it is listed on the AIM Italy organized and managed by Borsa Italian. Founded in 1951, it is characterized by a strong international focus: 75% of turnover is generated abroad, with focus on Germany (31%) and Mexico (29%). We design and produce models, core boxes, shells and other equipment for the production of components made of aluminum or cast iron for the automotive industry. The core business is focused on the construction of equipment for the production of cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission cases, manifolds and other complex castings for commercial and industrial vehicles.

    The equipment that we produce are also used for the production of high-tech components, including the Formula 1.

    Giancarlo Brambilla
  • We offer our customers the option of an additional verification step, in addition to the dimensional relationships GOM: the production of small series of prototypes of jets.
    So, our customers can count on a “turnkey project” ranging from the design of tools to com-missioning.
    Even the smallest detail receives our best attention, always with passion: our trademark!

    Marco Brambilla
    Commercial Manager
  • We December 5, 2014 is a date to remember: in fact, that day, we have listed on the AIM market of the Milan Stock Exchange.
    We made this decision guided by our desire to share a success story with our shareholders, to acquire more assets to finance the company’s growth and to ensure its continuity.
    With the entry into the world of finance, we have optimized our organization thanks to our passion for efficiency in both industry and finance!

    Gabriele Bonfiglioli
    General Manager & CEO





Designing 100%
Simulation 100%
Production 100%
Testing 100%
Sampling 100%

The first one is designing. The huge technical experience developed over more than 50 years of activity brought our designers to an extremely high level of specialization. Understanding and meeting customers needs is our priority in order to contribute to the production process optimization. Optimization means to us verifying if a project can be developed and if proper modifications previously agreed upon with customers can be implemented; modifications can actually bring about relevant improvements during the production, use and maintenance phases.

The production cycle is carried out using the most modern and powerful technologies available.
The technical department, with the most powerful CAD systems, developing the project which, once validated by the customer, it’s made available to the other departments that deal with “translate” into reality what until then was a 3D model.

Simulations can be made during or at the end of the design phase to allow in preview the behavior of the equipment and the final result of the casting in order to obtain a result metallurgical standards-compliant of the client.

The 3d model is engineered for the CAM  processing and available for the machine tools for all manufacturing process.

The numerical control machines, all endowed with CAM positions and a tools, get the 3D model while the highly qualified technicians work out the tool path according to the processes to be carried out, thus playing an active role in the decision-making process regarding the tool path setting.

A “Product Plan” is drafted for every project. The “Product Plan” defines the list of working steps and establishes the processes to be implemented.

Modelleria Brambilla is able to manufacture small sampling series, in order to grant the customers equipment efficiency, that is further certified by the dimensional test effected on the prototype.

Testing grants the accuracy of the 3D model re-production.

Through the use of software, machinery and technology of optical measurement, testing department acquires the 3D model and compares the dimensions defined in the virtual project with the real ones, highlighting deviations from the tolerances.

Compliances tests are effected during the whole production process in order to check every single semi-finished product and grant an appropriate functional layout in the customer’s production line.

Along with the tooling, the customer is provided with the complete 3D engineering data, the related 2D drawings sets and the dimensional inspection reports. Such documentation is aimed at facilitating all the activities related to product management and especially to maintenance.

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